It's a place where art and engineering intersect, overlap and co-exist comfortably. Where 'problem' becomes 'probable' and suddenly, overnight - in a mash-up of smart tech and creativity - what was once unattainible now looks unbelievable.

That's where Weebox likes to live. On the edge, pushing the envelope embracing the fear; trusting in the serindipity that occurs when passionate people dare to dream big...then dream even bigger.

Have a look at some things we have done over the last while.

Celtic Woman

Voices Of Angels World Tour 2017

Innovation Awards 2016

The Innovation Awards showcasing and celebrating Irish innovation

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Krisjanis has been working with the Mexican instrumental artists Rodrigo y Gabriela for over a decade

One-Zero 2016

One Zero is a major new Global Sports Conference and gathering

IPVS 2016

24th International Pig Veterinary Society Congress and 8th European Symposium of Porcine Health Management

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