At Weebox we provide a streaming service that is second to none.

We use the latest streaming technologies to send your event out to your audience.

Secure point to point streaming option is great if say your CEO is away and wishes to view your event securely.

We have achieved this for banks, large software multinationals, and many more.

Weebox provides streaming services to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Livestream, Periscope etc.

Our clients have included Microsoft, Websummit, eBay, Ted Talks, Jameson and many more. It’s a service that we have run in many countries.

We are proud to say that in the last five years of streaming we haven’t so much as dropped a frame. How? because we do a lot of testing and preparation before we even get to your venue. We have our own custom CDN and this allows us to create bespoke streams, it also keeps your data safer, password protected and encrypted, we can stream directly point to point if security is of upmost concern.

We also offer multipoint two way streaming, this behaves like a multidirectional satelite broadcast to two or more destinations, In most cases this means that delays and lag times are significantly reduced over that of satelite. This service is offered in HD so all of your venues get to see eachother and react to eachother instantly. The real reason for this is cost saving one of our recent clients reported a saving of almost €400,000 on moving their people around the world to have their annual conference. (references available on request).

So if you absolutely, positively have to get it right we are the people to do it for you.

Streaming questions?

Have them all answered. Just drop us a line or get on the phone with one of our experts.