Willie Van Velzen

Willie has worked as head of Graphics and Video departments for the likes of Avcom, Eq Audio & Events and Phamous Productions. A technical wizard, he brings the sizzle to your ideas and has worked on event designs such as F1 Racing and Def Leppard. Willie has a mighty marvellous mind that can glide seamlessly from an appraisal of Banksy's latest work to very hard sums and particle physics. Some of his other past clients include Heineken, 3, Irish Life. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Krisjanis Berzins

Kris founded Weebox in early 2014. Dublin based lighting and production designer originally hailing from Latvia. He works internationally with renowned touring artists and corporate clients alike. He has a vast experience in Stage Lighting, Video projection, LED Walls, Video Mapping and Multimedia Production. While effortlessly switching from illustration to computer graphics to writing code, he can bend the technology to deliver your dreams!

John Colville

John Colville has worked in the events industry for over twenty years. He works as a production manager, lighting designer and editor. Previous projects and clients include Production Manager for the World Poker Tour and the Lighting designer for Dublin Airport Greening projects. Other organisations John has delivered for include Heineken, ITBA, Board Fáilte, Irish Distillers and many more. Usually seen globetrotting with arena productions, setting up HD OB Trucks and generally getting things done.

Devon Wolfgang

Devon is the coders’coder. Why? Because his understanding of computing is at level most developers may never actually reach. Or even need to reach. So, other coders look to him for guidance. They visit the blogs he writes – and they recognise Devon as someone who has worked at the highest echeleon of gaming. You, your children or someone you know, may well have been pursued by aliens down a virtual corridor he built.

Glenn Stevenson

With a degree in Politics and International relations under his belt Glenn earned his stripes working in TV and film production and also spent time as an advertising copywriter for brands like Guinness, Disney, Google and the IDA. His creative streak and ability to think laterally have earned him a reputation as a resourceful problem-solver. Some young folk claim to have their finger on the pulse. Glenn is that pulse.