You have some notions for an event.

You know the numbers...sort of.
Pencilled In some dates.
Maybe talked about a venue or two.

But, so far, that's about it, really.

Now you need to bring it alive. Give it a focus. Make sure the event has resonance. Wow some people.

So...where do you even start?

Lights. Music. Staging.
Back projection. Front projection. Sideways projection.
High jinks. Live links.
Friending. Trending.
Lazer light bending.

A big pyrotechnic ending?

Or, whatever your CEO happens to like. This week.

With so many options it can be daunting. A kind of multi-story technological minefield.

But Weebox clever. And, with our team in your corner, you can too.

We're with you all the way - from a computer simulated walkthrough at the planning stage, to that moment when the lights dim and a hush descends.

Best of all, if the unexpected happens you have cool heads and XX years of experience at your side.

Nothing beats knowing you've an injunction against Murphy's law.

On time. On budget. Online.
Each and every time.