The planning, logistics, facilitation and overall supervision service

All things technical, be it an event, conference, theatrical show or a tour are the Technical Director's responsibility.

Weebox provides a wide and diverse pool of Technical Directors from relevant industries to guarantee a smooth and hassle-free project. Some come with decades of experience in industries like corporate, concert touring, outdoor events, software development, broadcast, advertising, theatre, film and others.

Through brainstorming sessions, site audits, client meetings and insider industry knowledge, we devise the ultimate plans to deliver technology and crew for the optimal output of your project. The process is tailored to the type of the project ranging from CAD drawings, analysis, 3D scanning, software audits, technical research and general survey methods.

We then produce detailed plans and drawings, logistics and project delivery plans so that everyone is on the same page, vendors have no grey area issues with what is required and crew know exactly what to expect.

Some organisations overlook this vitally important role and run without a good technical oversight only to be stopped by nasty surprises down the road. The planning and preparation process is essential for a smoothly running project, regardless whether it is an event, a software project, set piece, entertainment robot or a VR demo. And while Weebox can handle this aspect for you with our eyes closed, we prefer the all eyes on the job approach when it comes to all things technical.

A Technical Director will also work with the site management, labour unions, fire marshals and other compliance authorities. On-site expertise and assurance of things going to plan, according to the correct codes of practice and regulations.

With years of experience from a diverse set of industries, our Technical Directors will ultimately provide you with the complete peace of mind and will put any client at ease!

It may sound a bit too technical, however, Weebox is made up of creative technologists, so we all speak native human languages and not just code and jargon.

Put your mind at ease

Let us handle the technicalities. There is no excuse to run without a plan.